Can you believe it guys? I’ve reached the end of the semester/my blog project. All I can say is what a ride. I know we just started to scratch the surface on this journey, but I hope you were able to take away some useful nuggets of info!  As much I was scared to start this experience, I am so glad I gave it a try. Although social media can seem daunting, just remember one thing – If I can learn it, anyone can!!!

I hope to blog again. As soon as I get more on track with this  new job and finish my ACP perhaps I’ll come back. For  now, Norma is ready and willing to guest blog if you ever need it.

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 can offer her services to guest blog for upcoming classes LOL


Here is another great interview! Meet Howard Greenstein, Social Media Strategist and Evangelist, and President of the Harbrooke Group.  He is also co-founder and acting CEO of Social Media Club, a prominent social media networking group I blogged about , which brings together media and communications professionals to share best practices on emerging trends in social media. You don’t want to miss this interview!


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See below for an insightful interview with Andrew Luedke, Internet Account Lead with the U.S. Internet Marketing group at Deloitte.

Kiran – thanks for arranging 🙂

– Norma

How you got involved in digital/online media?

This is a great question because digital/online media is really quite new and reflecting on its evolution is quite spectacular. 

 For me, I have always been interested in new technology and understanding how things work.  In high school, I took these interests and started a business where I developed highlight videos to market student athletes with the desire to play sports at the collegiate level.  By the time I graduated, the Dot-com era had peaked and the digital age was upon us.  Being curious and hopeful to learn and do it all differently, I transitioned my focus into developing websites for various companies and organizations.

 Working my way through Denison University, I majored in economics to better understand business but took several courses in computer science, new media and film to build my foundation and learn how it all works together.  In addition, I interned at ESPN.com and was fortunate enough to have great mentors who taught me about the true value of marketing on the web.

 From these experiences, I’ve been able to turn my passions into a career in digital/online media.    

What you like the most about working in digital/social media ?

There are many facets of the space that I appreciate.  In particular, I like change.  Not just change associated with the evolution of technology and how we interact with media, but change as it aligns to running a campaign. 

 To be successful in digital/social media, a marketer needs to adapt and be willing to experiment with new technologies, platforms and distribution strategies.  If metrics from a current campaign indicate that something isn’t working, change the strategy and try something else. 

 With many traditional forms of marketing, you can’t re-print, change your billboard, alter your programming, but with digital media, you can change direction relatively quick.   

Favorite project you’ve worked on and WHY (I’m sure you have to keep broad if it’s work related, which I totally understand)

Over the last several years, I’ve had the opportunity to work on many great projects in both B2B and B2C markets.  You learn a tremendous amount from each and they are all exciting and fun in their own way.  Definitely can’t pick a favorite. 

Biggest challenge you’ve had to overcome while working in online/social media

Implementing a social media strategy within an organization was perhaps my biggest challenge to date.  Why?  It’s a form of media where a business doesn’t always control the messaging and this scares a lot of people- as it should. 

Any tips/advice for excelling at a career in social media

My best advice is to have fun, find passion in what you do and continue to learn.   Social Media is evolving every day and just because it was a good idea today, doesn’t mean it will work tomorrow. 

 How has your job evolved in the last few years? What is your focus now versus 3 years ago?

Within the last three years, online channels have come alive.  When Apple first launched the iPhone, it revolutionized connectivity and made it possible for people to experience rich media on the go.  Since then, new handhelds and tablets from several companies have entered the marketplace and it has opened up new channels of interactivity.

 For the next several years, focus will be on maximizing these new channels, adapting content for mobility and finding additional ways to further interact with target audiences.  

What do you think online and social media will look like in 10 years? Any ideas?

We’re in a great era right now, and among many things, we’ve been lucky enough to witness the advent of social media and general global mobility. 

 I won’t even speculate on where we’ll be in 10 months let along 10 years.  I of course have my ideas, but that’s a conversation I’d like to have with Mr. Jobs.

Ping..not bing

To piggyback off of Dan’s awesome interview, I came across an ad for Ping while listening to Adele’s amazing CD on iTunes last night. (I’m obsessed thanks to my roomie Jackie). It’s  a social networking site that’s built into iTunes as well as the iTunes app for the “on the go” folks. But I couldn’t figure out how to join. Anyone else run into similar problems?

Oh Apple, you and your snazzy ideas….I wonder if this one has staying power though? I’m currently in social networking OVERLOAD. Now I have to have one for music too?

Eh, I think I’ll just continue on the path of listening to light Rock 105 and CBS 101.1. Hopefully my friends will pity me and keep me hip/fresh/cool.

But I’d welcome your thoughts…



Gossip Girl

Just kidding – Norma

So here is a perfect example of why my younger brother is cooler than me…he’s friends with this guy! Meet Daniel de Lara, music blogger and journalist, who has made a name for himself blogging about the latest and greatest acts in music. His interview was a nice break from all the corporate strategy I’ve been yapping about. Not to mention really REALLY refreshing to see someone take their passion in life and make a legit career out of it. Thanks for sharing your insights Dan – you rock!!!


P.S. – Brother Chyze – thanks for introducing…

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On improving campaign results with Search Marketing and Social Media, Friday April 8th at 1:00 PM EST…see below for details


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Be an influencer!!

Fantastic post by David Leonhardt of The New York Times about the most effective way to measure Twitter influence. You’d be suprised to know that it’s not about the number of followers you have (Ah-hem Lady Gaga), it’s more about the number of times you are retweeted/ mentioned by other users.  In addition, Twitalyzer also has a tool that allows you to measure your influence, but one caviat –  it’s not free. Click on the below for the full post as well as a top ten list of the Most Influential People vs. Most Followed People.


P.S. Chad Ochocinco #2 Most Influential…seriously?